La Ponte-Ecomuséu (English)


Asturias is a region in the north of Spain. La Ponte–Ecomuséu is located in a village called Villanueva, in Santo Adriano, a county which, together with Quirós and Teverga, is part of Los Valles del Oso (Bear Valleys).

There is a 40-kilometre path going along the valley, called La Senda del Oso (the Bear Path), which can be toured walking or cycling. The path is divided in short stages between villages, it presents little difficulty and it is a must for all visitors in the centre of Asturias.

20 kms from the Asturian capital city, Oviedo, and 40 minutes from amazing beaches and rough cliffs, time seems to have stopped in Los Valles del Oso (Bear Valleys): nature (native chestnut, oak and hazelnut forests), high mountains, wild animals and a cultural heritage of the highest value.
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La Ponte-Ecomsuéu
Villanueva de Santo Adriano s/n
CP 33115, Asturias (Spain)

In our ecomuseum, we combine all the cultural and natural elements so you can enjoy learning about the history of the Bear Valleys accompanied by our local guides.

These are some of the activities you can do with us:
  • Cultural guided walking tours.
  • Etnographic tours to discover nice little villages with their traditional buildings, such as houses, water mills, or hórreos (typical Asturian granaries)
  • Guided tours to learn about the medieval monuments (Preromanesque and Romanesque)
  • Guided tours to enjoy Palaeolithic Cave Art
  • Cultural cycling tours along the Bear Path (Medieval Art by bike)
We can also help you find the accommodation you need in the area: hotels, rural guest houses, hostels or huts.

If you are interested in learning about Asturian culture and in visiting the Bear Valleys heritage, contact us and we will send you a quote according to your needs.